A Formal Wedding in San Francisco, CA

Film, music and an appreciation for subtle sarcasm were just a few of the things that Barbara and Darin bonded over when they first met at work. They were both dating other people at the time, so their relationship remained platonic. The Bride Barbara Ford, 39, technical production manager The Groom Darin Grant, 34, head of production technology at an animation firm The Date March 7 Over a year later, when Barbara was about to leave for a new job, a night out with some coworkers ended with both she and Darin thinking that their friendship could turn into something more. They quickly fell in love. Soon after, Barbara left to travel to Southeast Asia and Europe, and absence made their hearts grow fonder. A little over a year after their first date, the two were vacationing in Venice, Italy, when Darin asked Barbara to marry him. For their wedding, the couple went with a turn-of-the-century theme.