A Relaxed, Rustic Wedding at Back Bay Farms in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tatiana Stevenson (27, domestic engineer) was a bartender at a bar that Kevin Hill (27, financial planner) would frequent with his buddies. They were friendly, but didn't know each other well at that point. One night, they ran into each other at a concert and exchanged numbers. They became friends and started hanging out more often, and although at first both were adamant that they didn't want a serious later, Tatiana and Kevin became exclusive four months into dating. About a year later, the couple received the happy news that they were going to have a baby girl and they decided to move in together. Kevin tried repeatedly to propose to Tatiana, but the timing never seemed right. On the morning of her birthday, while she was still in bed, he gave her her mother's ruby ring and asked her to marry him. Their outdoor wedding at Back Bay Farms was nearly completely DIY thanks to Tatiana's creative vision. Chalkboard and wooden signs directed guests and instructed them as to who was in the wedding party and how to contribute to the photo booth guest book. Burlap and baby's breath adorned the wedding arch and the reception tables. Kevin and Tatiana gave their guests popcorn and delicious homemade cookies. They also provided cornholes and putt-putt for their guests to play. Tatiana and Kevin made all of their treasured guests feel welcome at this laid-back, rustic wedding.