Protea Flower

Tropical-Inspired Wedding Bouquet at The Fig House in Los Angeles

Vibrant Wedding Bouquet at Ebell Long Beach in California

Lush, Colorful Bouquet of Roses, Peonies and Proteas

Tropical Fuchsia Bouquets of Roses and Tropical Leaves

Modern Bouquet with Orange Pinchshion Proteas and Red Roses

Modern and Tropical Bridesmaids Bouquets

Candles and Centerpiece with Garden Roses, Peonies and Protea

Lush King Protea and Tropical Leaf Bouquets

Purple-and-Pink Bouquet for Wedding in Western Michigan

Pink Aisle Arrangement for Wedding at Sandbox in San Diego, California

Modern Protea Bouquet for Wedding at The Chicago Art Institute

Tropical Bouquet with Anthurium, Protea and Palm Leaves

Colorful Centerpiece with Roses, Ranunculus, Wildflowers and Protea

Modern Wedding Arch with Roses, King Protea and Greenery

Blue Shoes and Bouquet with Protea and Monstera Leaves

Pink Peony, Cabbage Rose and Protea Bouquet

Protea Bouquet for St. Louis, Missouri Wedding